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Navigating Modern Dating: The Power of Honesty

New fling, long term partners, casual hookups or more, Honesty is always the way to go.

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In the big and complicated world of online dating, establishing authentic connections can be a challenge. Whether you're diving into some new this year or already in a relationship, consider the following insights to help you cultivate meaningful and genuine connections.

Be Transparent about your Dating Style.

This might seem unexpected, but this shows honesty and will build trust from the start of something new. For some it might be a given that there is no "exclusivity" until it's said, but it doesn't hurt to set the record straight. Be transparent about your intentions and if you're seeing multiple people. A quick heads up at the start empowers your new partner to make an informed decision, and if avoids potential complications and icky conversations down the road.

Maintaining honesty with a new partner from the onset lays the groundwork for trust in the relationship.

Honesty & You.

Whether embarking on a new journey or deep into an existing relationship, take a moment to reflect on your own desires, boundaries and expectations. Knowing where you stand on these important questions can help you know yourself better and find out if your partner is on the same page.

Take a minute to reflect on these few questions about your relationship values:

What do you think a good relationship is? How do you feel when you're with the other person?

What makes you feel sexy, what makes you feel good about yourself? (Doesn't have to be sexual!)

What do you define as being faithful and unfaithful? Are you both on the same page with this?

Are we working towards something or does this have an expiry date?

Bonus use! These also double as great questions for the chatting phase of a new relationship, to see if you share similar values!

The "Sound Relationship House"

What is all of this for?? If you're dating, you might be looking for something casual or something serious. Both will benefit from the above tips and make it a fun and good time for all with no nasty surprises. If you're moving into something serious, take a moment to consider the Sound Relationship House as a guide for building a strong relationship with your partner.

The Gottman Institute thinks about relationships like a house. The walls of Trust and Commitment are seen as the pillars that support a great relationship, and the ground floor foundation is built from a deep understanding of your partners world (who they are, what they like/dislike, who their best friend is, what their childhood was like, how do they relax, what's their love language, etc etc). As the relationship grows, and more "levels" are added, the connection between each other grows deeper and stronger.

Trust, a key pillar of a healthy relationship, is established through honesty, which services as the cornerstone of a resilient and longstanding bond.

This template is a wonderful guide for anyone looking to strengthen their relationship or gain a better understanding of how to build something together. Find out more about each aspect from The Gottman Institute . Or ask your Lavender Sky Counsellor how to use this guide to strengthen your relationship.

The last word.

At Lavender Sky Counselling, we know it's tough out there. In a world where connections often feel fleeting, let honesty be your guide. These few tips can help pave the way for authentic, meaningful and lasting relationships in 2024. If you'd like to dive deeper into understanding yourself and how you can build better relationships, book a free consult and let's embark on this journey together!

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