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Building Resilience through Counselling: A pathway through trauma, hardship & adversity.

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Resilience is the first pathway of counselling with LSC, by no mistake. In the face of life's challenges, resilience serves as the vital attribute that helps you navigate difficult circumstances, bounce back from setbacks, and thrive through adversity. It's the foundation of change as we step up to growth and tranquillity.

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Resilience can be seen as a naturally human quality; the thing that drives us to try again after failure, to weather a storm, and to push through hardship for the hope of a better tomorrow. This trait can be nurtured and strengthened through counselling.

In this short read, LSC explores the role of counselling in building resilience to foster personal growth, we highlight the significance of equipping you with the skills and mindset you need to overcome obstacles and lead your most rich and meaningful life.

Understanding Resilience

You've all heard the buzzword but what exactly is resilience?

Resilience is what we know as the ability to adapt, cope, and recover from adversity, trauma and other significant life stressors. It involves the coming together of psychological, emotional and social factors, which all contribute to your ability to "bounce back" from stressors and find your way to thrive. Most importantly, resilience is not a fixed trait. It's like a muscle that needs to be exercise, that can be developed, and enhanced. AND if not used, can fade away.

So what can counselling do to help me?

The Role of Counselling

Counselling plays a key role in fostering resilience as we provide you with the tools, support, and psychological guidance needed to navigate your challenges effectively. Through counselling, we aim to guide you to better understand your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours, and how these are linked. This, in return, allows you to develop healthier coping strategies, greater problem solving skills, and a positive mindset. Working with your LSC counselling partner gives you a safe space to explore your strengths, identify areas of growth, and help you develop strategies to overcome obstacles.

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” —Jon Kabat-Zinn, mindfulness meditation teacher.

1. Building Emotional Well-Being

Counselling provides you with a safe space, both mentally and physically (if you're visiting an office) to express, explore, and process your emotions. The aim here is to help you develop emotional intelligence, have a better understanding of what your emotions mean and where they're coming from. This helps you recognise and regulate your feelings effectively and consciously. Understanding your emotions can lead you to manage stress, anxiety, depression and ultimately builds emotional resilience.

2. Developing Coping Mechanisms

Counselling helps you find and developing a range of coping strategies that are specific to your needs and circumstances. LSC recognises that we are all different and not one approach or strategy suits all. We work with you to discover what works and doesn't work for you. Some strategies might include relaxation techniques, mindfulness practices, cognitive reframing, or problem-solving. We pull from a wide range of therapeutic approaches and frameworks to find your best fit. When you learn to use and implement your strategies, you will enhance your ability to cope with stressors and challenges that arise in life.

3. Self-Esteem & Self-Efficacy

We know that you may not want to be in counselling forever, so our goal is to help you grow a strong sense of self-esteem and self-efficacy, so you are at a place where you are the expert in your own resilience. Through counselling, we guide you to identify and challenge negative self-perceptions and beliefs, and help you foster a more positive self-image and self-confidence. With this increased self-esteem & self-efficacy, you are better equipped to face and overcome adversity and challenges whatever life throws at you. But, LSC will always be here to back you up when you need our support.

4. Social Support

The final piece in the Role of Counselling for Resilience, is encouraging you to build and nurture your social network of supportive relationships. This social aspect is a huge protective factor and can bolster resilience by providing you with a sense of belonging, emotional support, and practical assistance. LSC guides you in developing and maintaining healthy relationships and helps you strengthen your support systems.

The last word.

Resilience is an essential quality in enabling you to overcome challenges and thrive in success. Counselling plays a vital role in guiding you in enhancing your support, guidance and tools that help you navigate difficulty. LSC aims to support you when you embark on this journey of self-discovery, healing and empowerment, to lead a more rich and meaningful, resilient life.

You can chat to our LSC counsellors today with an Obligation Free Consult (book below) to see how we can help you build resilience and overcome your challenges. Subscribe now to start accessing your 12 months of free LSC mental health resources.

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