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Support Indigenous Mental Health - 50% off all services

Always was, always will be.

Statement from the heart.

A photo of Uluru, the heart of Australia.

Coming to you from Whadjuk Noongar boodjar.

This year, Australian's stood at a crossroads on their journey towards reconciliation and empowering our Indigenous communities. The proposed Voice to Parliament referendum, which sought to give Indigenous Australians a direct say in legislative decision-making that affected their communities, ultimately resulted in a No vote.

We recognise that this outcome has had a huge impact on Indigenous communities around the country. Many mob may be feeling unsafe, unheard, or even unwelcomed in their home, on their land, here. At LSC, we have always aimed to create a safe place for people to engage and share their stories. This sense of safety includes our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters. Mental health and wellbeing is the heart of who we are, and is the foundation of how we live our lives.

With this in mind, we at LSC have decided to offer all our services to Aboriginal and TSI mob at 50% off all prices as we strive to support indigenous mental health in our own space.

If you'd like to access this discount, please email us at to get your discount code. This means you will be able to book and manage your services online here as normal and simply add the code at Checkout to recieve your discount.

To be transparent with you, please know we will ask for your Medicare number so we can confirm you are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin, to ensure this service available to you. Or book your Free Consult session to get started towards your journey to better mental health.

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